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    Please list any other work related information you think would be helpful to us in considering you for employment, such as foreign language, additional work experience, volunteer work, activities,accomplishments, publications etc.

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    (Should you become employed by Carol Seager Associates./CSA Eldercare, you will be required
    to provide documentation proving that your eligibility to work in the USA).

    (This does not apply if there was a juvenile conviction. A criminal conviction will not necessarily bar you from employment. We will consider the nature of the crime, the time that has expired since the occurrence and any rehabilitation you have undergone).

    "By submitting this form, I certify that the facts contained in this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and understand that if employed, falsified statements on this form shall be considered grounds for dismissal."

    Upon submission of this form, you will receive a completed job application for your review at the email address above.

    We will review your application and qualifications, and contact you if we have needs that match your skills.

    Should you be contacted for an interview, you will be required to review and sign a printed copy of the above information at your first interview.

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